Emergency Number

Safety Information for PNG

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for operation and care of your gas appliances.
  • Train household members how to turn on and light gas appliances.
  • Keep burner surfaces clean. Keep range tops free of matches, grease, and other flammable materials.
  • Gas line, appliance repair and installation jobs are for trained professionals.
  • Always light the match first and hold it in the burner area before you turn on the gas. If you smell gas, do not light the match.
  • Be sure your water heater is properly installed in compliance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and local plumbing codes. If a pilot light goes out, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for relighting. If you smell gas, do not relight.
  • Check whether PNG pipe is concealed/ covered under cupboard in your kitchen. If yes, please get it shifted to a well-ventilated place, else leaked gas if any, may accumulate & pose danger.
  • Make it a practice to keep the Appliance Valve closed after use.
  • Periodically keep checking the rubber hose for any cuts, damage.