Emergency Number


  • Always use approved CNG kit & cylinder. It is dangerous and illegal to use substandard cylinder and fittings.
  • Do not install LPG, Propane or any other cylinder in place of a CNG cylinder. It is unsafe and unlawful.
  • It is advisable to have insurance coverage of the CNG kit along with the vehicle / accessories.
  • Always, park the vehicle at least 6 meters away from sources of ignition (fire).
  • Always refer to the CNG kit supplier’s manual for operating instructions and do not do trouble-shooting yourself, other than that recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Be aware of the location and operation of cylinder valve, master shut-off valve and burst disc in the CNG system.
  • Ask your mechanic to identify these parts for you. It would be helpful for emergency handling of any CNG leak.

safety-check-icon SAFETY CHECKS

  • Make sure that the clamps are tight and cylinder fixed properly and safely.
  • Confirm that cylinder valve is safe and valve wheel is in place.
  • Ensure that gas tubing is intact and supported properly.
  • Check for gas leakage from the kit by using soap solution.


  • Check out of the vehicle.
  • Do not start the vehicle. Push vehicles to a place outside the station in open Air.
  • Stop all activities in the vicinity, which can provide a source of ignition, e.g. smoking, use of mobile phone etc.
  • Close down the cylinder valve/ master shut-off valve in the CNG system to control the leakage.
  • Call CNG kit retrofitter to repair the same.

gas-incase-fire-icon IN CASE OF FIRE

  • Evacuate the vehicle and surrounding place.
  • Take help of firefighting experts – 101.
  • Extinguish the fire with water/fire extinguishers.
  • If feasible, close down the cylinder valve/ master shut-off valve in the CNG system to control the gas leakage.

statutory-requirements-icon STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS

  • Endorsement of CNG mode in Registration Certificate.
  • Hydro testing of the cylinder, once in 3 years, as per Gas cylinder rules, 2004.
  • Certificate of CNG Kit, Fitness and hydro test to be possessed by the driver all the time.
  • Maintain cylinder in good condition.
  • No repair to be done on cylinder and valves. No oil, Grease or lubricant to be used for cylinder.
  • Don’t change the colour of the cylinder.