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Natural Gas safety

Natural Gas is a naturally-occurring mixture of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gases found in porous formations beneath the earth’s surface. Natural gas is lighter than air, so it can dissipate into the air rapidly, making accidental combustion difficult. It’s also colourless, non-toxic, and had no taste in its natural state It is not a pure element like oxygen, but a mixture of gases of which hydrocarbon gases are the components that are combustible and produce heat.

Combustion of natural gas is the chemical reaction of oxygen with a combustible material which produces heat.

Here are possible sources of ignition:
  • Any open flame such as a lighted candle or match stick.
  • Static electricity spark.
  • Light switch.
  • Heating element or motor in an electric appliance.
  • Internal combustion engine, while running or starting.
  • Overhead electrical transformer.
  • Frictional sparks
  • Cigarettes
  • A ringing doorbell etc.