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Is the supply of PNG regular?

The supply is absolutely regular. The pipeline distribution network is an ‘on-line’ supply system that consists of safety valves and regulators that control and monitor the gas supply and pressure, and assist in identifying system faults and ensures uninterrupted supply at requisite pressure.

Is it safe to use PNG as an industrial fuel?

It is absolutely safe to use PNG as a fuel for industrial applications. The Meter & Regulating Station (MRS) installed in your premise has an in-built safety system, which ensures tripping of regulator, in case of over pressure (choking) or under pressure (leakage). Moreover, Natural Gas is lighter than air, and therefore if there is a leakage it disperses easily in air. It also has the narrowest flammability range of 5-15% which makes it difficult to catch fire in case of leakage.

Can Natural Gas be stored?

No, the Natural Gas cannot be stored; it is supplied only through pipelines.

Are any statutory compliances or government approval required to obtain the Natural Gas connection?

No statutory compliance or government approval is required for obtaining Natural Gas connection as there is no storage of gas within the plant premise. In fact, as a fuel, it is being widely promoted by the Government because of environmental concerns.

What is the minimum time period to obtain the connection?

Subject to availability of pipelines in any area, generally the connection can be provided within 3 months. For using it in your premise, you also need to make modifications in plant & arrange for internal pipeline from downstream of meter till the gas consumption points which requires the above mentioned time for completion.

How much time will be taken by us for the installation (conversion of burners & internal Pipeline laying)?

Time taken for conversion of burners and laying of internal pipeline depends upon the length of the internal pipeline to be installed and type of burners required at your plant. Typically, it takes 8-10 weeks for any industrial unit to complete its process of laying internal pipeline and convert its equipments to gas. The pipeline also needs to be tested as per the technical specification provided by us.

Does IRMEL supply burners?

No IRMEL is not supplying burners However, to facilitate you, IRMEL provides the list of various Natural Gas based equipment suppliers.

I want to switch from Diesel Genset to Gas Genset? What are the options available?

Your Diesel Genset can also be converted to operate on gas. You may get in touch with either your genset supplier or specific agencies that convert DG sets to gas gensets.

Can one use the industrial PNG in the pantry of the industrial unit?

IRMEL encourages use of gas in pantry/canteen of any industrial unit. For this a separate contract and separate smaller meter is installed. The price of gas will also be different for such usage.

What happens if gas supply is stopped?

IRMEL makes the best possible endeavors to provide its consumers with uninterrupted supply of gas. In case of interruption in the supply for any reason, our trained technical team will restore the gas supply at the earliest.

I want to expand my operation after few months? Do I need to disclose it to you?

Yes, you need to inform us for any addition, expansion, removal or maintenance of your equipment(s) due to safety reasons. Moreover, increased gas flow in your plant can also damage the MRS which can result in production losses and levy of penalties.

Is there any scope for contract negotiation?

IRMEL offers standard contract to all its customers. This is also as per the regulations notified by Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board. There is therefore no scope for negotiation in the contract.

What is the system of billing?

Billing is done every fortnight based on the meter readings taken by authorized IRMEL staff. Payment for the bills needs to be made within the time period mentioned in the Agreement.

How frequently the price of PNG changes?

The price of PNG is related to several factors like US exchange rate, crude price, etc. and hence may vary. Prices, if need to be revised, are generally revised at the start of a billing cycle by giving advance intimation to customers. It always remains our endeavor to keep price revisions to minimum.

What is the assurance that you have not fixed a price with monopolistic profit?

Gas price to any consumer is based on the regulations notified by Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB). Our pricing policy is also based on these regulations.