Emergency Number

Who will appoint a downstream contractor?

Customer is required to appoint a reputed and experienced piping contractor for installation of internal piping from regulator/meter upto burner at his own cost. The piping work should be done strictly as per IREMPL technical specifications and guidelines.

Are tariff rates and billing cycle different for Commercial and Domestic PNG segment?

Yes, tariff rates and billing cycle are different for Commercial and Domestic PNG segment and Bills are delivered every fortnight in Commercial Segment.

Are there any minimum charges for not using commercial PNG connection?

No, there are no minimum charges.

Can I shift my meter location as I have decided to renovate my place?

Subject to technical feasibility, meter location shifting can be done by technical team of IREMPL. One needs to inform IRM Energy in writing before and after renovation work is completed to ensure proper disconnection, reinstallation and reconnection of gas meter.

Which documents are required to register for Commercial PNG connection?

Customer at the time of registration has to submit self-attested photo copies of- a.) PAN Card and VAT TIN (in case VAT TIN not available, declaration to that effect). b.) Shops and Establishment Certificate c.) Land Purchase Deed (if owned)/Agreement (if leased/Rented). d.) NOC from society/ landlord.

In case of an emergency, whom should I contact in IRM Energy?

Please dial our Emergency Helpline numbers which are functional 24*7 and all 365 days of the year.

Is Commercial Connection transferable to a new owner?

Commercial connection is transferable subject to availability of necessary documents required for Commercial registration and NOC from the existing user. This is only applicable where the premises and commercial load of existing and new commercial establishment remain same.