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What is CNG?

It is natural gas compressed up to 200 bar pressure used as an automobiles fuel mainly comprising of Methane (80% to 90%) which is in gaseous sate.

Is CNG Safe?

Yes. It’s absolutely safe, CNG is lighter than air so it disperses in air easily also auto ignition temperature is very high as compared to other fuels.

Which Type of vehicles can be converted on CNG?

All the vehicles fitted with spark ignited engines can be converted into CNG by installing specially designed conversion kit.

Can a car fitted with CNG kit run on petrol as well?

Yes Cars fitted with CNG kit can run on CNG. Advancement in technology enhances CNG kit to function smartly to select fuel automatically with preference given to CNG. Though, a switch is provided for the drivers to select the fuel Petrol or CNG as per his/her convenience.

What will be the Capacity, size and weight of the CNG Cylinder?

CNG cylinder’s Capacity is measured in water litres (WL) i.e. quantity of water in litres which can be filled in an empty cylinder. Cylinders of capacity 45WL, 55WL, 60WL, 65WL, 75WL etc. are available for cars. An empty CNG cylinder with a 50WL Capacity weighs 48 kg (approximately), and has a length of 835 mm and a diameter of 316 mm.

I have LPG kit installed in my car can I use CNG?

No, an LPG vehicle will not run on CNG as the two fuels are different from each other, have differing calorific values and need different air-fuel ratios for combustion. CNG has to be stored at relatively higher pressure as compared to LPG, so the same cylinder cannot be used for both gases. A vehicle will need specific CNG conversion for CNG operation.

Does CNG kit and Cylinder requires frequent servicing?

CNG kit gives years of trouble free operation. It doesn’t require frequent servicing. Just as for all other fuels, it is advised to have routine services. An authorized person should be consulted for service. As per Gas Cylinder Rules, 1981, the cylinder should undergo hydro-stretch testing every 3 years to check pressure tolerance.