Industrial Customers Testimonials

Customer: Banas Oil Unit

Person: Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma (Senior Manager)

  • “We have been using Piped Natural Gas (PNG) since January 2019 for our Thermic Fluid Boiler in our Industry. Its been a very good experience in dealing with such eco-friendly fuel which almost nullify the pollution caused by Industries and hence I personally term this fuel as ‘Pollution-free’ fuel. Also, this fuel is very much cost-effective as compared to other petroleum products like LDO, FO, etc. and the continuous hassle-free supply of fuel is its biggest advantage”

Customer: Banas Dairy Cattle Feed Plant

Person: Mr. Chirag Bhatt (Senior Manager)

  • “We are having a 600 tonnes capacity of cattle feed plant here in Palanpur which is one of the largest in the country. Earlier we were using Furnace Oil (FO) as our core fuel for our boiler which is basically used to generate steam. And now since July 2019 we have been using Piped Natural Gas (PNG) as the only fuel for our Industry. We have observed that our production efficiency has increased by almost 35 to 40% by using this fuel. Along with it the maintenance of all our production equipment has been reduced to a very high extent. Cost-effectiveness, reduced pollution and continuous supply are other major benefits of using this fuel.”

Customer: Subico Foods Product

Person: Mehndi Hassan (Partner)

  • “We are in the business of making different varieties of biscuits which are further exported in various countries all over the world. We have been using Piped Natural Gas (PNG) as fuel since September 2018 and it has been a very good experience with IRM Energy Limited. PNG has proved to be the most environment friendly fuel, this has reduced maintenance as well of all our Industrial equipment used in production of Biscuits. Also, the product quality is observed getting better than earlier in case of Furnace Oil (FO) used as fuel. We have been also saving a good amount as PNG is very cost-effective compared to other fuels.”