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  • Always remember to tight the CNG gas lead after CNG filling.
  • Always keep your car engine tuned up.
  • A smooth-running engine always churns better performance and delivers excellent fuel economy.
  • Change air-filters at regular intervals.
  • Inspection of engines air-filter at regular interval is necessary to keep your CNG car tuned up. If the air-filters are blocked with dirt or dust, the engine consumes more fuel and churns lesser performance.
  • Replace spark plugs and if possible, use special spark plugs meant for CNG cars.
  • Service regularly.
  • Get CNG tuning done by an authorised agency.
  • Always keep your cars’ tires properly inflated with designed pressure as under inflated tires consume more energy to run, thereby resulting in lesser fuel economy.


  • Never drive till tank is empty.
  • Some particles may enter if proper lid is not placed in CNG filling point.