Cultural Celebrations

  • We believe in celebrating all the major festival together to keep the spirit of togetherness alive. All through the year, we organise different cultural and extra-curricular activities to engage employees in a proactive way to form inter-departmental bonding. Also, celebrating the diversity of an organization allows all members to feel their values, beliefs and experiences are fully appreciated.
  • Events like Birthday of employee, Women’s Day, Navratri, Diwali, Christmas and many more are celebrated together.

Foundation Day Celebrations

  • 1st December is a significant day for all of us as it marks the establishment of IRM Energy as an organisation. It is an essential milestone in the journey of the company and thus cause for the celebration. The Foundation Day is an opportunity to appreciate the work of all employees who have given their best to lead the company to its success. As it is rightly said, a teamwork makes the dream work. On this day, all employees come together to commemorate IRM Energy’s achievements.

GA Day Celebrations

  • GA day is celebrated to mark the commencement in that particular GA (Geographical Area). It is the day when first gas line was commissioned. We celebrate this day together to remember the past achievements and look forward to the journey ahead.

GEM- recognising tomorrows’ leaders

  • GEM (Go Extra Mile) is a platform to recognise and appreciate our young members who have shown their enthusiasm to learn and have contributed to the growth of the organization. It helps to create a common platform for one-on-one interaction between the new members and top management. New joinees, including freshers have the strong desire to blend in, as well as the existing employees get a chance to meet the new recruits, and because it’s informal the induction process becomes easier to comprehend.

Outbound Activity

  • Various outbound activities are organised across the GAs with an aim to spend some quality time together and know our colleagues better as an individual. It is also an opportunity for the employees to showcase the hidden talents and create visibility.