Commercial Customers Testimonials

Customer: Sagar Bakery

Person: Shafiq Ali Kadiwala

  • “We are one of the oldest and renowned bakery franchises in Palanpur. We are using Piped Natural Gas (PNG) since November 2017 and we are very much satisfied with the fuel and its numerous benefits. We have replaced Diesel with PNG and experienced some good benefits against it such as cost effectiveness, better quality product, increased production efficiency and continuous supply. Along with this we are very much impressed by IRM Energy’s 24X7 emergency services which is very much helpful for customers like us.”

Customer: Swad Restaurant

Person: Ashraf Chaudhary

  • “We are into restaurant business since last more than 12 years in Kanodar and I am also the head of Kanodar Restaurant Association. We are using Piped Natural Gas (PNG) in our restaurant since December 2018. PNG is very much convenient due to its continuous supply and is also quite cost effective against LPG cylinders. It has been a very good experience and we are thankful to IRM Energy’s team for their services and cooperation at any hour of the day.”

Customer: Vijay Tyre Retrading Services

Person: Dinesh Patel

  • “We are using Piped Natural Gas (PNG) since January 2019 and we are very much satisfied with this fuel and also with the services provided by the company. We are in the business of remoulding the used or worn out tyres of heavy vehicles for which we need boiler for steam generation and for this process we were earlier using Wood as our fuel which was very high in maintenance and was polluting the environment as well. These major concerns are now satisfactorily resolved after switching to PNG.”

Customer: Hotel Way Wait Park Treat

Person: Jafar Ali Patel

  • “We are using Piped Natural Gas (PNG) since October 2018 in our restaurant. PNG is very much convenient to us due to its continuous supply and cost effectiveness. We are saving around 20 to 25% fuel cost as compared to our previous fuel LPG. Due to our very high consumption we were facing storage space issues of too many LPG cylinders in our premises and which was also quite risky, but now with PNG its very much convenient and safe to use. I strongly recommend this fuel to every restaurant against LPG cylinders as PNG has lot more benefits for customers like us.”