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What is Calorific Value?

  • Calorific value is defined as the amount of heat produced by the complete combustion of a material or fuel. It is measured in units of energy per amount of material, e.g. Btu, SCM, Joule, Kcal etc. 1 Kcal is equal to 1000 Cal.

What is MMBtu?

  • MMBtu Stands for “Metric Million British Thermal Unit” – it is a traditional unit of heat or energy value, which is widely associated with measurement of natural gas in the energy terms worldwide.

Definition of MMBtu

  • A British Thermal Unit (Btu) is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound (0.454 kg) of water by 1° F (0.557 ° C) at a pressure of one atmosphere. When 1 Btu is represented in a unit of million, it is termed as Metric Million British Thermal Unit (MMBtu).

Relationship between Standard Cubic Meter (SCM) and MMBtu

  • 1 MMBtu is equivalent to 2,51,996 Kcal or 2,52,000 for the sake of simple calculation.
  • Hence, if 1 SCM of PNG has 9880 Kcal, then 1 MMBTU equals to: 25.50 SCM