Life at IRM Energy

Our values

We are committed towards well-being of our people and the geographical areas where we operate. It is our values that guide us to manage not only our internal affairs but also our relationship with our customers.

Integrity & Transparency
To be ethical and sincere in our work
To be objective and goal oriented
To constantly improve our ourselves, our teams and our service to become the best

Creating an environment of trust and providing learning opportunities.

  • We firmly believe that our people are our most important asset and the key to our success. We believe in creating an environment of trust, and giving people access to learning opportunities and challenging work assignments, so they can realize their true potential as individuals and contribute to the company's progress. You will find that working with IRM ENERGY is rich and engaging not only in terms of your work exposure, but also in terms of the people you meet and the support you receive in living a full life.

Work Culture

  • Being a young and evolving organisation, we understand the importance of workplace culture. At IRM Energy, we aim to create a conducive environment that fosters on growth.
  • We respect our people and value the potential of each and every employee. We firmly believe that our success is a result of the diligence and creativity that our team brings in to work every day.
  • We focus on creating a happy, energised, motivated and healthier work environment

Team Connect

  • People emotionally invest in other people, so creating a strong bond between team members is critical. We organise various activities and events around the year to keep our employees inspired, encourage them to mingle and feel a part of the IRM family.
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