Growth & Development

Mentor Me

  • We understand the importance of mentoring young people and believe that it creates a positive impact on youth’s lives. It helps a person to grow intellectually, interpersonally and emotionally. Fresh graduates who have joined IRM have been assigned a mentor for the first few months to answer their questions and serve as their guide. Depending on the strengths and learning objectives, IRM Energy will give new comers an opportunity not only to use and hone their technical competencies, but also and as importantly, their life skills as well.

Career Growth

  • We believe that our people are our most important asset and key to success. We create an environment of trust and give people access to learning opportunities and challenging work assignments, so they realize their true potential as individuals and contribute to the company’s progress. We focus on soft skill development and have several schemes for recognising and rewarding talents.

Buddy System

  • We understand that Induction/On boarding of new employees need to be taken care at various fronts e.g. Areas pertaining to job duties, socialization with colleagues & seniors, work environment, technology & utility access and training.
  • To create a welcoming work environment with informed colleagues and a fully-equipped work space; new employees feel “welcomed” on their first day, we have introduced Buddy System wherein two individuals operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other. The purpose of assigning new employees with a buddy is to help welcome employees and reaffirms their decision to join the organization.